In Ukraine, millions of people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid and number of refugees will increase in the coming days. The NGO CARE is working with local organisation "People in Need" to provide rapid emergency assistance. Deliveries with food, hygiene items, diapers, sleeping bags and mats on their way to Ukraine and at the borders.

© Valerio Muscella / ONG CARE

Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine : CARE International provides emergency assistance

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is getting worse by the hour. CARE has partnered with ‘People in Need’ - one of the largest non-governmental organisations in Eastern Europe and in Ukraine - to provide emergency assistance to the people of Ukraine affected by this crisis.

The first trucks with relief supplies are already on their way to Ukraine. They are transporting durable food, hygiene items, diapers, sleeping bags and mats.

There are already 2.9 million people in the eastern part of the country in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. And in recent days, more than 500,000 people fled Ukraine for neighboring countries. This number is expected to rise to more than one million in the next 48 hours. Other emergency workers from the organization are working on the Slovak border to support people waiting to cross the border safely. 

« We expect the number of refugees to increase in the coming days », Marek Štys, head of humanitarian aid at “People in Need”, reports from Ukraine. 

« Wehopethat people willbewilling to donate, because the need for help for the people in Ukraine and thosewho have fled to neighboring countries isenormous » said Andrea Barschdorf-Hager, executive director of CARE Austria.

At all border crossings from Ukraine to neighboring countries. Here, people wait in lines that stretch for miles. Recently, children have been sent across the border alone. "The parents decide to stay in Ukraine but want to bring the children to safety," says an emergency worker from “People in Need”.  

Relief supplies are urgently needed.